DAN O (Dan Olague)




As a member of TEAM DAN-O, our mission is transactional excellence and client satisfaction. That means we work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.



Dan Olague started his real estate career in 1989, and joined the John L. Scott Puyallup office only a few years later. He was drawn to real estate because it allowed him to be an independent business owner and also never limited his potential for success. Now, Dan enjoys helping others in multiple stages of their life, and is inspired by the challenge to continually learn and grow within real estate.

Dan strongly believes that everyone deserves a professional that can work to accomplish every client’s real estate goals. When Dan works with a client, his vision and goal is to give them 100 percent of his experience and knowledge to negotiate the best price for their real estate transaction.

Dan’s unique advantage lies in the breadth and depth of his local real estate experience. He has worked with new construction, land purchases and residential real estate — from first-time buyers to distinctive property sales. He has also worked with large estates and corporations on multi-units and has done light commercial real estate work, too. Dan’s work has earned him awards for 23 consecutive years within John L. Scott and his local board organization.

Clients often turn to Dan because they trust his knowledge and his strong negotiation skills. On the marketing side of things, his unique and specific marketing plans for properties also set Dan apart. His knowledge of local issues and real estate experience ensures his clients are well-represented from the start to finish of every transaction.

Though Dan is very passionate about real estate, he does enjoy traveling and sports as well. Dan and his wife take regular ski trips to Oregon, Canada and Nevada, and also visit Hawaii and Mexico annually to recharge. He and his wife also never miss an opportunity to cheer on the Seahawks and Mariners!



Meet Candace

Meet Candace, Team Administrator for Team Dan-O.  Candace keeps everything rolling and always with a smile on her face.  Candace came to John L. Scott many years ago and has held several positions. Marketing genius, Office Management, Transaction Management.  Candace thrives when she can bring order and Zen-like calm to her team and her client’s lives.  She is always willing to listen, can easily help you with resources or answer questions and she has a gift for empathizing with others.  Candace’s main responsibilities are to keep Team Dan-O on track, working closely with all of their real estate vendors to ensure you have a smooth transaction. When there are problems you will appreciate Candace’s keen communication style.  She is direct, friendly and she loves to solve problems.  Candace is also a Mom to two beautiful and active Daughters, Evi and Mia that keep her on her toes.